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Dear WordPress-Grandma Says Not to Use the Word Hate-But

Dear WordPress-Grandma Says Not to Use the Word Hate-But

I thought that you ought to know that I have come to hate the category 1.

Now, you might think that I’m some crabby little chick whining about some

little annoying, but insignificant, thing and that I can’t keep my mouth shut.

But, what I’m here to tell you is that I am so tired of retrieving my incredibly

thought-provoking, brilliant, sensational masterpieces from the CATEGORY

known as 1 that I could stand on the street corner and scream my little

head off. But, I won’t. I enjoy my freedom.


Could we compromise and call it «1 in Limbo» or how about

«1 Step Away From Being Famous»

or perhaps, «1 More Reason to Love WordPress»?


But, 1, simply becomes forgotten. And, all of a sudden, you have 25

posts entitled 1 and then, it becomes a chore to go back and rename

all of them.


Perhaps, something repulsive would encourage the writers in the 1

Category to get back in there and do something about it. But, the

number 1 just isn’t very threatening. Attach some ominous warning to the

dashboard such as: Those posts residing in the number 1 category will be

assigned to jury duty or perhaps, scrubbing toilets or washing windows at

the World Headquarters.


And, have you ever went to the dashboard to claim

your beloved post? It is like picking up your cute little puppy at the dog



Perhaps, there is a stigma attached to having your favorite poem or prose

sitting in the number 1 category for days, weeks, months, or even a year. If so,

maybe you could rename it something like «Candidates for MENSA» or perhaps,

«On the Waiting List for Harvard Law School» or just, «Who’s Who Among

WordPress Bloggers».


I like that one best: «Who’s Who Among WordPress Bloggers». It sparkles. It’s

honorable. It would make Momma proud. And, if Momma’s happy, nothing

else matters.


Thanks for your consideration.

Sandy S. Zoo

P.S. I’m only kidding.


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