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The Evolution of Sexual Understanding- Rated G

As children, we learn about our bodies.

As teens, we experience the introduction of hormones and our maturing bodies.

As young adults, we marry and start a family with the hopes that

everything we were taught, is exactly as we thought it would be.

Then, after having two, three, four, five, six or more children,

our bodies shift and our attitudes change. I decided that I would

summarize, ever so carefully, some of my observations.

In mid-life, we can do things like that; to observe the world and

to make profound statements. We have just enough experience to

be taking seriously, if only for a moment.

The Sexual World In Which We Live:

Rule #1: Can’t talk about it. How did I get here, Mommy?

Rule #2: Don’t ask questions. What is this called, Daddy?

Rule #3: Don’t answer questions. Ah, I don’t know.

Rule #4: Don’t stare at it. That is just plain weird, though!

Rule #5: Don’t even go there. Kinky sex. Swingers. Gay and Lesbian Couples.

Rule #6: What? You’re pregnant. Life happens.

Rule #7: Your reality; live with it. From diapers to taxes, where is sex?

Rule #8: Oh my, here it comes- mid-life crisis. What is this?!

Rule #9: We are constantly changing. Social attitudes and bodies are shifting.

Rule #10: Slow and easy. Accepting reality. You made it to home base.
You understand it all. Does any of this make sense?


I had come to a realization not so very long ago-for the group of

people in which I am a member: Having a group of children late in

life is delightful. You are older, more mature, financially stable,

smarter, calmer, more patient; all that is good.


However, where in the instruction book does it say that, as a woman,

having children late in life is delightful and rewarding, but that it is also

so very frightening. Having small children and having one or both

of the parents having a grand slam mid-life crisis right in the middle

of it all; that is sheer terror.


Where is the instruction book?

Slightly off topic:

Sometimes, I hang out with my Native Norwegian friends simply to

compare and contrast the differences and the similarities. I have

a Native Norwegian friend who does the same; she studies, comparison

and contrast, the differences between Americans and Norwegians.

She has developed a clear, and sometimes funny perspective on how

Americans think. Academically speaking, Minneapolise writes in a

poignant and painfully honest tone. Throughout her dialogue and

soap box speeches, one comes to understand that there is a lot

of reason and meaning to her writings. Thanks for sharing, Minneapolise.

I am relating to the map of North America that my friend, Minneapolise,

has constructed. I am thinking of the perspective of 9-1-1

from those that live across the Atlantic Ocean and those that consider

America their home. Visit: and if you

understand the language, you’ll be laughing so hard that you’ll be

gasping for air or- you will be so mad that any body could say something

bad about America that you’ll go sulking to your room- I know you will.


My prediction is that the Europeans, especially the Norwegians and

the Swedes, would give you a whole lot to think about. They would

read a little about my perspective and not even blink an eye. In

America, every little mention of sexual behavior is bad, bad, bad.

During the summertime, in America, we wear swimsuits out in public. In

Norway, they wear swimsuits, bras, panties or nothing at all in a public

park in Oslo, Norway. It’s called Frogner Parken or Gustav Vigeland’s

Park. It is my favorite sculpture park in all of the world. I love the

sculptures. I really do.


Now, Americans would be arrested, jailed and sentenced to life if

they ran around bare naked in a local park, specifically in a town

that was well-populated; a capitol city like St. Paul, Minnesota or

Washington, D.C, or in Central Park in New York, NY.


From a humorous perspective, one could say that Norwegians and

Swedes just never grew up; they are still running around in their

birthday suits, and like little tykes, they think nothing of it.


What changed? What changed our way of thinking about our bodies,

our selves? When did the beautiful bodies that God gave us change into

something that is so wrong and so disgusting? And, are Americans so

perfect and so righteous that they can condemn a country that is

quite open, and liberal regarding expressions of public nudity?


Are Americans so perfect and so righteous that they can think that

they are BETTER THAN the European people? Do you think so?

Ask She will answer.


Sandy S. Zoo



  1. *
    As I am sifting through all of the BLOG entries,

    I sometimes look back at something I wrote

    five – ten years ago and as I am reading,

    my jaw has dropped four inches and I am

    drooling all over the keyboard.


    I hope that you enjoy my little soap box

    speeches as much as I do.


    I can’t believe you said that, Sandy!


    I can’t believe that I said that, either,

    [insert your name].


    Once, after major surgery, I wrote a

    poem and a speech while eating Oxycontin

    for pain management. I do not recommend

    this. Find all of those essays and burn them.


    I’m leaving this one in place. Because….

    believe it or not, the Norwegians do sunbathe

    at a public park in Norway; Vigeland’s Parken.

    The sculptures are the best part. The nudity?

    You get used to it. After six months overseas,

    I stopped gawking.


    Sandy S Zoo

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