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In Honor of Jessi: A Survivor of Breast Cancer

In Honor of Jessi: A Survivor of Breast Cancer

When my dad got the dx of breast cancer this year, I found a story

about a young woman named Jessi. Jessi’s Story echoed what my

dad told me a day before his lumpectomy which was followed by a

radical mastectomy.


We were celebrating my neice’s baptism:

My dad, a stroke survivor, looked at me and said,

«I want to live another ten years.» I smiled and nodded. A few minutes

later my mom knelt down next to the table and said, «I just want you

to know that ‘Dad’ might have cancer.»


I don’t know how I got through it. I remember seeing my dad in his

hospital bed after the surgery and hearing him say, «You know I’ve got a

lot to worry about.» The tumor was larger than a golf ball.

That is to say, 5 cm or greater. The tumor relates

to hormone-receptors. We learned that it was encapsulated.

As far as we know, he is doing well. He takes

Tamoxofin, the same medication that was given as a trial

drug to my grandmother, my dad’s mother.


I did NOT do a lot of research when my dad was going through his

surgery and treatment. For me, it was best. I tried to focus on

other things. I prayed for my dad. I prayed for the specialist and

my dad’s surgeon.


I won’t tell Jessi’s story. Jessi tells her story best.

Thanks for sharing your story, Jessi!

I am cheering you on!

Sandy S. Zoo


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