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If You Liked Pastor James Manning; You’ll Love Father Andrew Greeley

If You Liked Pastor James Manning; You’ll Love Father Andrew Greeley

To begin with, these two very gifted people have very little in common.

However, these two men do have one thing in common. The quality that

both men have is a very helpful tool to carry around in YOUR tool box.

These two men, albeit very different, have: NO FEAR.


It’s become even more clear to me that BOTH of these men have

NO FEAR after listening to Pastor James Manning on,

and after reading the latest of Father Andrew Greeley’s work

in the Chicago Tribune.

There is nothing that these two men could not, would not, will not do or

say. Read my lips: Nothing!


I have spent a great deal of time getting to know Pastor

James Manning by watching and his bi-weekly

broadcast over the At first, as stated before, I

was appalled by the outrageous, seemingly insensitive, somewhat

profane, but- if you listen closely – very spiritual Pastor James Manning.

Pastor James Manning really does care about people. Visit his site and

check out the gigantic educational facility under his wings. Check out

the soup kitchens and homeless shelters that he established.

Call one of the homeless people that he has embraced, inspired

and motivated to get up, get going and be doing something worth-

while. Visit the Food Market/Deli established by Pastor James Manning.

There’s a lot of love and a lot of good being generated by Pastor James



Enter: Father Andrew Greeley:


First off, most priests don’t write steamy romance novels. Shame on

you, Father Greeley! At least, very few do. And, rightly so.

Try explaining your latest novel to the Pope, Father Greeley. Nasty!

While reading the novels, there is one thought repeated over

and over again, «How’d he know that?» Perhaps, it is in many hours of

premarital counseling, grief support, divorce therapy sessions and

hospital visits that he diligently sought to understand the glue that holds

couples and families together during ‘war and peace’. Perhaps, it is in

his office that he learned about the fragile pieces that a family is made

up of. Perhaps, it is in these conversations that he ‘put together’ the

essence of a happy family. It is where he explained the birds and the

bees, and how he got a PhD in Life 101. He was right on the money.

Father Andrew Greeley; sociologist, priest, newspaper columnist,

professor and ‘Mr. Know-It-All’. I love Fr. Andrew Greeley! He is

one of my HEROES.


Read Irish Lace, Irish Whiskey, Irish Love, Irish Gold; romance novels

by Fr. Andrew Greeley. Look closely for the

message of faith tastefully woven through each tale.


Fr. Andrew Greeley has written over 30 novels and over 20

scholarly books about the Catholic Church and about his work within.


The only one terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad thing about

Pastor James Manning is: he hasn’t written a New York Times

Best Seller lately. He will. Just wait. You’ll see.


Sandy S. Zoo

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