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Atlah Worldwide Ministries-Sister Esther Bennet

Atlah Worldwide Ministries-Sister Esther Bennet


I had the wonderful opportunity to visit with Atlah Worldwide Ministries

today, as a result of some information we had exchanged recently.


The ministry of Pastor James Manning and the educational programs

under Pastor James Manning’s leadership are of great interest to me.


As a teacher, I am always looking at innovative and successful

teaching programs. I believe that the school system with in merits the attention of teaching

professionals and administrators. I look forward to the

opportunity to visit the facility within the next two years.


I teach as a volunteer at a local school. I learn AND teach

foreign languages such as Norwegian, Swedish, German, African,

Irish, and British English. I emphasize the ‘connections’ between the

languages and also study the vast differences. You would not believe

how those little ears (K-6) pick up on foreign languages!


I also teach ‘Recess’ and Physical Education:

During Recess and Physical Education, I teach group activities that

encourage creative thinking, that encourage large motor skill

development, and that foster community building. I enjoy teaching.

Some of the fun and innovative things that we have done thus far:

Follow the Leader/Blind Man Walk (understanding disabilities)

Mad-libs with A Twist of Charades (parts of speech)

Basketball With a Moving Hoop (adding 25, 50,75, 100)

Garbage Scavenger Hunt (writing about found objects)

Scandinavian Dance ( learning about foreign cultures)

Simon Says-Swedish Version (foreign language skills)

Human Checkers/Human Chess (under development)

Old, Old, Old Games That We Used to Play: (cultural history)

H.O.R.S.E, Annie-I-Over, Classic Kick Ball, Farmer in the Dell,Kick the Can
Red Light/Green Light, Red Rover, Red Rover, Catch and Say

Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar Rap (rhythm and movement)


Back to

If I could take one very meaningful bit of information out of our

extensive visit, it would be this: Stop and think. You are electing some

one to the office of the United States of America. Think carefully.


I should emphasize that Esther Bennet was very kind and considerate. I

thought that I might hear Pastor James Manning sputtering and ranting

and raving in the background, however, I didn’t. 😉 I heard the voice of

wisdom and kindness and courage. Our conversation was a nice blend of

Minnesota Nice and Atlah Affirmations. No harsh words were exchanged;

only kindness and genuine interest in each other’s perspective.


Peace to you, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Sandy S. Zoo


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