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Olga The Traveling Bra and Federal Express

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Dear Olga and Friends:

I am NOT so sure how I found you, however, you, my dear friend,

have won the prize of the day for originality. I applaud you.


Feel free to check out my website and share some of your

recipes in my «That’s Just So Weird Cookbook». Just add a comment

after the last post or type your favorite recipe, I’ll respond to your post.


Cooking isn’t one of my favorite things to do and so,

I recruited my children to help me to write their favorite recipes,

and some of my favorite dishes from their perspective.

At times, it is a bit funny, sometimes it is

just so weird, and surprisingly, some of these recipes are the

real McCoy; it’s how things have come to be down here on the farm.


Reading about a women who carries a size 54 DD bra around with her

in her FedEx truck, then takes pictures of ‘it and whoever’ so inspired

me. I need you to know that I have a life-sized stuffed donkey made

of 100% cotton material that I have had in storage for 15 years.

The donkey has been a part of a few manger scenes in Christmas

Programs and is now semi-retired.

Should you care to have a donkey as a side-kick in

your adventures, just reply to this post. :O

You have made me smile; your sense of humor is delightful.

Slightly weird, but delightful.

Sandy S. Zoo

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