Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | april 9, 2008

Have Dog-Will Blog for Chocolate

CeliaSue Hecht: Have Dog-Will Blog for Chocolate
This is so sweet.

I have two dogs-I think that I will blog for something
totally different. I think that I will buy one square foot in Aurland, NORWAY. Since I have Narcolepsy, I can sleep standing up. That’s
all I want. One square foot of my most favorite place in the world.

Writing Wiz… transforms words into profits

Have Dog, will Blog for Chocolate…

Sweet Dreams,
Sandy S. Zoo

P.S. Check out
Hva Hun Sa is THE most popular blogger in Norway @
She is also an outstanding freelance journalist. Like you, Celia Sue.
She has ‘attitude’ and she has class. She is COOL!

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