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Rain Isn’t Rain-Mom-It’s Tears

Rain Isn’t Rain-Mom-It’s Tears

It started to rain. We were traveling.It was 8 o’clock in

the evening and Hannah and Sarah were telling me the

way things were. This is life. You see the rain, Mom?

Yes, I do. Rain is not rain, Mom. It’s tears!


And, Hannah goes on to do what she does best.

Explain. She turns to her sister, Sarah, who always

agrees with her. Sarah is only five. Hannah begins to share

another lesson; to share another story.


You see, Mom- when something bad happens, God cries.

He cries when people get hurt. He cries when people die.

But, he is also happy. He is happy to meet you. When

you die, he is happy to meet you. God cries because

he/she cares about us. He doesn’t want us to hurt.

When he is sad-it rains. And, it rains. And, it rains.


In the eyes of a six year old, life is good. Life is simple. I’ll

take more of that, thank you.


After a long break, Sarah speaks up. Sarah is always thinking.

She has a simple expression on her face-not one of Einstein

but one of a cute little kitten exploring the world of butterflies.

She asks very clearly, «Mom, what happens if people are bad

in heaven?» «Where do they go?»


And, life goes on and more questions about the world are explored:

Anna is concerned today. Throughout her entire lifetime, she

has been told that there is a special place in heaven for pets.

And, she has talked very openly about losing her pet(s)

and about their journey to heaven. A friend of ours sees life

as a place for people. Pets are not a part of her life. It’s her

choice. So, it’s easy to see why her heaven doesn’t contain

a zoo or a dog kennel. She has, perhaps, never lost a pet.

Well, Anna’s world is- a zoo. We love animals. They are a

part of our lives. They have ALWAYS been a part of my life.

And, when a pet dies, we have all struggled to understand, «Where do

they go?»


After a moment of confusion, we came to this conclusion.

Anna explain the connection between heaven and Santa Claus:

It’s like «Santa Claus». If you believe in Santa, then, there he is.

If that’s what makes your world go around, there he is. If that

is what makes the tears go away, if only for a while, there it is.

There’s a place for pets in heaven if you want to believe that.

I’m not going to take that away from you. And, Hannah isn’t either.


Hannah says that she is going to «accept» that our friend doesn’t

understand that there is a place in heaven for pets. That’s o.k.

And, we’ll all live happily ever after. I think.


Peter listens very carefully, and then, I hear a zoom! zoom! zoom!

He is on another adventure to ‘never, never land’ driving his car or

his truck over the rainbow. He’s not in to this philosophical stuff.

Life is full of adventure. Mud is the glue that holds everything

together. Every room has a little corner where there is a detailed

micro-culture that is being created (or destroyed). Although his

world is full of action figures and fast cars, his gentle little smile

tells me that he loves me. That is Peter. After a day full of

adventures, cuddling is his number one past time. I love you, too,

my little teddy bear. Your fingerprints are everywhere!

I’ll take more of that, and thank you!


Sandy S. Zoo

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