Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | april 6, 2008

Trying to Catch A Rainbow

Trying to Catch A Rainbow

In Honor of Kjell Braaten, With Love

I was basking in the sunshine

I was breathing in the rays

I stopped to look, what did I see

A glass of water standing by me

Oh, Hannah, I am going to have a drink

No, no, mother, get your drink at the sink

Because, I am trying to catch a rainbow, too

It’s sunny, the water in the glass will do

I’ve been sitting on the porch with pen in hand

There’s something I don’t understand

Why can’t I catch a rainbow, tell me

Why can’t I hold it and try to see

Why can’t I touch the rainbow, now

Why can’t I taste it, tell me how

I thought but didn’t say it, I cried but not a tear

The rainbow dances over there, but it’s not really here

The rainbow comes and goes, it has no itinerary

The rainbow, is like happy, and never ever scary

Please sit and wait for the rainbow, but listen, I declare

Don’t chase it, don’t confine it, or put it in tupperware

For the rainbow, it is leery of hate and fear and pain

The rainbow comes and visits a little after the rain

The rainbow seems so far away, but wait, you will see

¥ou can’t touch it, it touches you, like love, like happy

Hold it deep inside, when you have it, don’t let it go

Trying to Catch a Rainbow, is like trying to being happy, you know.

First Draft

Sandy S. Zoo

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