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Dear Minnesota Legislature: What?!

Dear Minnesota Legislature: What?!

On my way through the big city, I was listening to MPR.

I heard two programs about smoking and anti-smoking laws.

Just so you know, I can’t light a match. I respect my brothers

and sisters who smoke and know that it is so hard to quit.

Please listen.

You feel bad for the little bars on main street whose businesses

are struggling after the smoking bans have taken effect.

You want to build smoking huts for patrons so that they can

smoke. O.K. This is so stupid if I might use the vocabulary

of a six year old, namely, my daughter.

We already have smoking huts, members of the Minnesota

Legislature! We call them ‘hospices’. This is where people

who have lung cancer spend the rest of their lives-

in a hospice program. This got my blood boiling!

Then, some little man from the University of Wisconsin,

an associate professor of, you guessed it, economics

does this official ‘survey’ and determines that since the

smoking ban was initiated, drunk men and drunk women

are driving around after the bar closes looking for a

bar without a smoking ban. It suggests that smokers

leave one bar in search of another resulting in a 10%

increase in fatalities. This survey has got to be flawed.

The survey workers were probably driving back and forth

between Minnesota and Wisconsin conducting these interviews

WHILE DRUNK. This has to be the reason for an increase in

drunk driving fatalities AFTER the initiation of the smoking ban.

Wow! This one takes the cake.

While we are on this subject, please don’t use my tax dollars,

as if you are actually listening, to build smoking shacks.

Put the money toward Stop Smoking Initiatives. Thanks!

Sandy S. Zoo

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