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My Incredible Story: While On Cloud Nine-A Story of Tragedy

Many of you have asked ‘Why I Didn’t Stay In Norway’ since I

was ‘on top of the world’ while living there. It inspired me.

It challenged me. It fed my soul. It helped me get to know

my roots, my self and everything that was important to me.

I enjoyed the people who called me ‘friend’. I loved the

sensory experience: to see, to smell, to feel, to hear, to speak,

to touch, to sense the world around me. I especially loved

being ‘me’ in a country where my goals, my dreams, my

philosophy, my understanding of the world was well accepted.

Yes. I am a creative sort and so I still stood out as

a creative geek of sorts. But, I found ‘my self’ while I was

overseas, and I love ‘it’.

It was while ‘on top of the world’ that my father had a

massive stroke. My parents and family were back in the

states. In summary, I never knew how severe it was until

Christmas Eve when I returned and- realized that he survived

and barely. My father regained almost all functions in the

coming years. After a fall, he stopped walking. This year

he fought the battle of his life- cancer of the chest.

I thought that life was going to stop. I was angry. I

was furious. I barely had the strength to do so- but, I

yelled at God. I was so mad and upset at a God who could

‘allow’ My Dad to go through a horrific experience of having

a massive stroke, and then- right after the birth of a

seventh grand child, to try to take it away. I was mad.

And, I was scared. I felt so helpless. All of the stories of

‘people saying the wrong things at the wrong time’ galloped

on to main stage. Oh, my goodness!

My aunt, my mom, my brothers and sisters, came into a

great big circle of caring. And-you wouldn’t believe it!

My dad had the biopsy, the surgery, the post-surgical care,

the cancer treatment, the wonderful care of my mother,

and he is SURVIVING.

I talk about my faith from time to time. About the faith

that has settled on the edge of a cliff. About the faith

that a few people have tried to ‘bomb the hell out of’. About

the faith that has sustained me during a serious medical

accident when I was a toddler, during the loss of my grand-

mothers, Manda and Martha, during five years of college

which was followed by, oh God…….

I survived. That’s all I can say. The experience just

takes my breath away. If after all that I have lived didn’t

leave me looking like a back in the alley bulldog….with

drooling chops and a vicious, violent, hidious demeanor.

But, I have regained my strength. I’m not giving up.

I was just telling my mentor what it was like to be ‘on top of

the world’ and to have such horrific events, like a row of

dominoes, keep tumbling in front of me.

It is just a really big eye-opening, gasping for air, shouting

for joy, dancing on the rooftop kind of experience.

I can’t even explain it. It’s part of My Incredible Story.

And, I am lovin’ it!

I am a believer. However, you need to know that I embrace

people of all kinds of backgrounds. I embrace the hurt, the

hungry,the rejected, the doubters and the believers.

I understand. I really do. Ask my mom. She has

heard my story. She has cradled me in her arms since the

day I was born. And-she has taught me to fly-to soar-to roar

and to be. Thanks, Mom and Dad! I will always love you.

Sandy S. Zoo


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