Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | april 4, 2008

Du Ska Itte Trø i Graset-Takk for dette Kjellemann.wordpress



  1. *

    Why, of course, I will.


    We should start an Adopt a Norwegian Program!

    or rather a Reform an Norwegian American Program!

    I love to study the interaction between Norwegians

    and Norwegian Americans. That special moment

    when Norwegian Americans realize that you

    don’t wear bunads every day and that your

    lefse grill and lutefisk rack are some where in

    your stabbur, you think.

    Real Norwegians are:

    progressive thinkers

    activists on things

    f.e. Amnesty International, Sexuality, the Olympics, Communism, Immigration…..osv

    interesting with relation to religion

    healthy and robust

    quiet but very strong

    technologically sound

    economically stable

    sort of funny

    but not as funny as Norwegian Americans :O

    earthy people

    smart, oh, definitely smart 😉

    very hospitable (spellcheck?!)

    friendly, but in a cautious way…

    Thanks, Kjell!

    Send me a form.

    Your job reference is on it’s way!

    Peace, Brother!

    Sandy S. Zoo

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