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The Politico — McCain Rarely Talks About His Religious Beliefs

The entire article is found at:

Political News Found at USA Today:

• The Politico — McCain rarely talks about his religious beliefs: «In

an Oprah Winfrey-era where soul-baring and expressions of faith

nominee, open and candid about much else, retains a shroud of

privacy around his Christianity. Raised Episcopalian, (Sen. John)

McCain now attends a Baptist megachurch in Phoenix. But he has

not been baptized and rarely talks of his faith in anything but the

broadest terms or as it relates to how it enabled him to survive 5

½ years in captivity as a POW. In this way, McCain, 71, is a

throwback to an earlier generation when such personal matters

were kept personal.»

Check it out!

Sandy S. Zoo

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