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Code: Through the Eyes of A Kinesthetic Learner

Get to Know Code

Within this post, I will ‘write a few words’, then, I will scroll

over the words, and then, I will click on each of the

BOXES that are shown above. Here it goes…

b stands for bold.


i stands for italics

This is what happens between the arrows when you click on i which stands for italics.


The blue colored word is ‘link’; this is the feature that creates

a link between your post and another site. It is an invitation

for your visitors to CLICK on that ‘link’ in order to access

information or images.

Copy and Paste the url address in the box, and click [O.K.].


words that begin with b


words that begin with /b


Delete is short and sweet.


ins=the ins and outs of code

Perhaps, ins represents insert.

When I clicked on it, I was definitely out of the picture.


This term is sort of like omg but more intenseSleepy Brain Tired Feet

Click on img, this will bring up a pop-up with

the words:

Type in the URL of the image

Here are the proper steps in order to SAVE the IMAGE:

Find the image

Click on the image, right click

Save image to desktop

Get back into wp-admin/post.php

Click on Browse

Look for the image under Desktop

Give it a Title-short and sweet

Give it a Description-don’t mince words

Click on Upload

Done-You’re image is within your post

You can move it to the proper location by:

Click on it, copy

Scroll down to where you will put it

Click on that location, click on paste

There you have it!

Now, what about ul:


    this is what ul means

And, then you have ol:


    this is what ol means


  • this is what li means
  • code

    Code is your friend, if you want it to be, but don’t get too






    The lookup function connects you to a site

    that will link important words within your text.

    When you get there, unpack your bags and stay a while.

    It is a whole new world.

    close tags

    This sounds obvious to me, however, I have been wrong before.

    I tried it and the screen dimmed.


    That’s al folks.

    I tried this button, too, and I did not get the results I wanted.

    In other words, al that ends well is, well, not

    always so good either.

    Sandy S. Zoo


    This is kinesthetic learning.

    It is the process of learning by doing.

    Be advised, that in computer terms, learning by doing

    is dangerous. Why?

    If you spend six hours on a written essay and

    scroll over your entire essay, and then press [Delete],

    the answer is clear. Now, you get to know that

    [undo] feature and find it quick. If you are lucky

    -or blessed- your six hour long project will magically

    appear on the screen. If it doesn’t reappear, then,

    you will now be exercising the power of memory.

    Note: As you can clearly see, [ul] [ol] [il] are greek to me.

    I’ll let you know when I master these little weasels. (Not now…)

    Sandy S. Zoo


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