Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | april 1, 2008

Sarah Serenades

Per Spelmann

Per Spelmann had hadde ein eineste ku

Per Spelmann han hadde ein eineste ku

Han bytte bort kua fekk fela igjen

Han bytte bort kua fekk fela igjen

Den gamle gode fiolen, du fiolen, du fela mei


My daughter is four and more and she sings hip-hop.


Ro, Ro, Ro Din Båt

Ro, Ro, Ro Din Båt

Ta din åre fatt

Vuggende vuggende vuggende vuggende

Over kattegatt


Today, I am typing her repertoire of songs.

She is singing along with me as I type.

Note that she is a preschooler.

Another way to ‘Enjoy WordPress’!


Here is the song, it’s long, so long

It’s a beauty of a song I hear all day long….

Every day of the week, there is no breaks

And with singing this song, there are no brakes.


I’m sittin’ down here

I’m singin’ with my mom

So can you type my song

Waiting for the car

To get out in the car


I’m sitting down with my mom singing

I’m sitting down with my mom singing

I’m sitting down with my mom singing

I’m sitting down with my mom singing

End of chorus

We’re going down streams here

We’re going down to pick up my sister

I’m going to the park today

I’m going to the park today

I’m not going to stop until I go to the park today

Now we’re going down

I’m going to pick up my best friend

You are my best friend

Dreamin’ about my best friend again

You say my name and I say your name

You say my name and I say your name

Because we like you too

Now, my moms going down with my friend today

My moms teaching kids today

My dreams are you

I think that you are incredible

I love you when you love me

I can’t remember

I can remember every thing

Because we are friends

Because we are reading today

Now we’re going and won’t you know it

Won’t you be my friend to me

Now I am really sad, mad, glad but we are o.k.

Now that we are done, you go away

Now we are going Now we are going

Goodbye, my friend, so long

Now we know where we are going tonight

And you are you, and I am me

Now we know what to do

Well- I’m sitting with my mom here today

Now, my mom has to go to school

Maybe we’ll go to daycare and see new friends

Because you know your friends will be there

You will be a friend to me and I to you

We will go there some other time because it’s late

So, let’s go in the car, if it’s gonna’ rain

Last night was night and now it’s day

We don’t bake the pancakes on a rubber pan

We bake them on a big teflon pan

We’re gonna’ see my friends

My mom is going

Don’t be worried

It will take some time before she feels better

She has a cold [and she is losing her voice] now

Now it’s time to eat dinner

Milk, and meat and cheese and all that’s good

Maybe something maybe long

Maybe short just like this song

This will make you feel better

You say that your friends will help

Yes, even when you’re hurt

I know it’s true

Now you will know that you are my friend

No, no, not o.k. don’t eat those sweets

Let’s play

No, no, not o.k. don’t make a mess

Let’s have a treat

We will love a tasty treat because it is good

We will get a friend

Somebody we like

If they like us or not,

You can know that sweets are not good for you

But, it is something to ask for

You are my best friend too

I am going to school with you

So I like you and you like me

I like you and my family

Even your best friends too

You can have some fun

Because you can do

You are really smiley and I like you

You will like my friends because they are sweet

And my friends too, they like you too

And my friends are, too

Now you’ve got to play today

Now we’re going to bed

Now we’re going to wait for a treat

After that we’ll brush our teeth

For mom, we’ll clean up and we’ll help to get a treat

Don’t forget to brush those teeth!

That’s the end, my friend


My mom is a typer and my brother’s in diapers

My sister is bigger and she likes the Tigger

My dad likes when I giggle

My little puppy’s name is wiggle

That’s the end, again, I think………


So, there you have it.

When I am composing a post or a story,

there is this sweet little voice in the background

singing this never-ending song.  And-sometimes

it makes a  lot of sense.  I listen and I learn

what is on her mind.  She listens and watches

when I type, and she wonders what I am doing

and what  I am thinking.  But, I never have to

guess what she is thinking because, oh so sweet,

she sings her thoughts all day long-to me, her mother.


Meanwhile, little brother is unrolling the toilet paper

and painting with chocolate syrup.  What he chooses to

do is always fun and, ‘wow!’ I love your new casserole,

looks like a loaf of bread wrapped around, ah, where did

you get the bologna?! You found it again.  Sugar and honey.

Ketchup and mustard and pepper salad sounds good to me.


Creativity is wild and free and spontaneous.

To live life freely and to applauded for the life we

live.  That’s what we live for.  To sing and dance and

play.  To share and to swing and to jump and to hop.

To spin around in circles and never to stop.

This is the life!  The life of two preschoolers waiting

for sister to come home from school.  The day is never

too long for tomorrow will come and we will wonder

where all of the little footsteps and the hand-prints went.

We know that each giggle turns into laughter.

Each grin turns into a smile.

Each whimper turns into cries and sobbing.

Each note turns into a song.

Each babble turns into a sonata.

Each crayon scratching on the wall turns into a masterpiece.

Embrace each moment for they are never to be seen again.

The memories are like ghosts.  You can sense them but

can never touch them.  Hold those babies.  Hold them, my

friend.  For there will come a day when it is done.  And-

they are grown ups now.  And, as you roll down the hallway

and turn around….and know that it is done.  And know that

it is done.  Embrace this moment.


Celebrating your life WITH YOU Alma.

I thought of you today and wished for you a better day.

Although, each day brings you closer.  I wish for you

more sunshine and a few tears, but mostly that the sounds

that you hear….are music to your ears.


Sandy S. Zoo 


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