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Pastor Manning-isms: What Do They Really Mean?

A Flower Design. With SeedsA Flower Design. With SeedsA Flower Design. With Seeds

Pastor Manning-isms: What Do They Really Mean?

This list is in response to all of the folks that think that

Pastor Manning doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

This list will be updated frequently.


Pastor Manning Says: Kenneth Price and T.D. Jakes Are Like

Young Men Courting Your Daughters

What it means: Be cautious. Get to know these people before

you entrust your daughter/your son with them.


Pastor Manning Says: GA Congressman John Lewis is A Maggot

What it means: Pastor Manning challenges the integrity of

GA Congressman John Lewis for withdrawing his support of the

Clintons and switching to Barack Obama.


Pastor Manning Says: Barack Obama is A Good House Negro

What it means: American White Folk have found a ‘good’ negro

and they’re going to vote for him.


Pastor Manning Says: To Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton,

«If you don’t talk smart, don’t talk down to people, and

if you’re a good boy, then you can be president some day,too.»

What it means: Obama is every white person’s sweetheart.

The consensus among white people is that Obama is a good

black person as opposed to Jackson and Sharpton.


Pastor Manning Says: And It Shall Be Called Atlah

What it means:»ATLAH means, the land where the people shall

walk barefoot, because the land is holy ground.»


Pastor Manning Says: Loud, Inappropriate, Finger-Pointing, Racist,

Controversial, Vulgar, Annoying, Profane, Hateful, Blatant Statements




What it means: He got your attention, didn’t he?

You weren’t listening to the preacher before all of this, were you!

Are you listening now, brother?


Pastor Manning Says: Obama Is A Mac Daddy

What it means: Obama ‘allowed an organization’ to use large

chested women with «I got a crush on Obama!» on the t-shirts.

Flashy women wore shorts with OBAMA printed on the backside.


Here is the definition of: mac daddy

mac daddy; a pimp

The pimp-meister, the king of the streetwalkers, possessor of the

blingest of bling-bling. The mac daddy is the man who means

everything (and the only man who really means anything) to his

ladies of the night.


Pastor Manning Says: Stop the Black on Black Rip-Off!

What it means: Stop Black on Black Assaults and Murders!


Pastor Manning Says: The Million Man March Is A Joke

What it means: Pastor Manning is only questioning HOW the

Million Man March has improved quality of life for black people

citing crime, illegitimate births, gang activity, prostitution,

father-less households and poverty in the black community.


Pastor Manning Says: Obama Is A Trashy Pimp and A Liar

What it means: Pastor Manning is very disappointed in the

lying and deception that has been happening at the Obama

Campaign Headquarters. For example; his parents did NOT meet

in Selma at the Civil Rights March.


Pastor Manning Says:

What it means:


Pastor Manning Says: Obama Pimps White Women and Black Women

What it means: Obama allowed a group to advertise his campaign

by using large chested women. The video clip features a t-shirt

that says, «I got a crush on Obama.» He could have opposed it.

Perhaps, this was a small fire and Barack Obama had bigger fires to

tend to. My feelings are that HE really didn’t approve of it, he just

didn’t blatantly oppose the Obama Girls.

Pastor Manning Says: Pastor Manning Drops the A-Bomb

What it means: Pastor Manning is telling black people to

‘stop talking about beating the white man’.


Pastor Manning Says: Creflo Dollar is A Times Square Pimp

What it means: He is criticizing Creflo Dollar’s extravagent



Pastor Manning Says: Take your picture out of Times Square,

Creflo Dollar. You ride around in a Cadillac, you have a mansion,

and you have your own jet. Greedy, hot, broke women follow you.

Are you a minister or a millionaire?

What it means: What is really going on here, Creflo Dollar?

Are you a minister or a millionaire?


Pastor Manning Says: Barack Obama’s Mom is White Trash; His

Dad Was Out Whoring

What he means: OMG! Where are you going with this, Pastor



*OMG=Oh, My Goodness!*


Pastor Manning Says: Obama Has A White Mama

What it means:

A black man with white blood is the darling of the white



Pastor Manning Says: Pull the Trigger Nigger

What it means: You don’t want to die and find out that you

got it wrong. Die to your self. HAVE NO FEAR.


Pastor Manning says: Barack Obama and His Gay Disguise

What it means: A Barack Obama associate is gay. There is a

concern that if Barack Obama supports gays and lesbians, he will

alienate black church-going supporters.


Pastor Manning Says:

Black people are afraid of gay lifestyles and believe

emphatically that the gay lifestyle is wrong.

What it means: It’s an issue of biblical principles as black

people see it.


Pastor Manning Says: Barack Obama is the Great White Hope

What it means: He is a white people’s candidate.


Pastor Manning Says: You better surely, surely check yourself.

What it means: Think again, you are going down the wrong

path in supporting Barack Obama.


Pastor Manning Speaks About Black Men:

You have turned yourself against the black community

and now you want a ‘black president’. You don’t speak for

the black community. You don’t acknowledge the struggles. You

are without a conscience. You don’t get to pick a president

yourself when you don’t know anything about what’s going on.

You need to find the courage. You have sold out to the highest

bidder, that’s what you’ve done, referring to Sharpton and

Jackson. You have no understanding of the Civil Rights Movement.

You have turned black women in to prostitutes and whores so

that you can make hip-hop music. Dirt, mud and smut…

You need your mouths washed out with soap. You don’t

get to pick the president. You don’t know what’s going on.

This is lengthy. Listen to it if you can.


Video Clip is at:


Note: I have a very passionate and thoughtful sermon and prayer

by Pastor Manning; I haven’t been able to make the link work.


Pastor Manning Says: This man is a misfit. He is black but he

is running white.

What he means: He is a bit confused, if not deceiving, in the eyes

of Dr. James David Manning.


Pastor Manning Says: We are experiencing


What it means: You are going backwards Black America.


Pastor Manning Says: Another Reason to Hate Pastor

Manning: Katrina

What it means: Katrina, in this case, was a wake up call.

It might be comparable to Noah and his Ark.


Pastor Manning Says: Stink Faced Obama Girls

What it means: Black men; you have betrayed your own people.

You are not going to determine that black

children will not have a spokesperson for their rights. Wake up!


Pastor Manning Says:

I will not shut up until justice comes.

What it means: Pastor Manning isn’t going to give up easy.


Pastor Manning Says: Bishop T.D. Jakes and the Rent Money Dance

What it means: The Rent Money Dance is when a minister

dances in the aisles of his/her church and inspires women

and men to give up their Rent Money. It is suggested that

this stirs up sexual feelings and stirs up the offering plate as well.


Pastor Manning Says:

I am a spokesperson for the black people.

What it means: Pastor Manning is on a mission.


Pastor Manning Says: Obama Has A White Momma [Take 2]

What it means: Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth.

He can speak to the White people and he can speak to the

Black people. This is Dr. James David Manning’s opinion.


Pastor Manning Says: My prophecies probably will take about

17 years to come to light.

What it means: His prophecies probably will take about 17 years

to come to light. «Ditch him now.», said Dr. James David Manning.


Pastor Manning Says: Obama Wears A 54 DD Bra

What it means:

Obama uses the usual tactics to attract voters: sex, drugs

and videotapes.


Pastor Manning Says: No Dew, Nor Rain

What it means: To boycott the big retail companies

in Harlem, also known as Atlah, NY, will force them out of

town. Read about the rising property taxes. Poor people are able to

pay their mortgage payments and are unable to pay their

PROPERTY TAXES due to the big retail companies in Harlem, also

known as Atlah, NY.



Pastor Manning Says: Black Men Are Like Obama Girls

What it means: Black men who support Barack Obama are

sissies. They abandoned their black heritage to live white,

date white, and eat white.


Pastor Manning Says: Oprah Has Jungle Fever

What it means:

Oprah has abandoned the white folk that helped her get to

the top in support of Barack Obama.


Pastor Mannings Says:

What it means:


Pastor Manning Says: Like O.J, Like Obama

What it means:

O.J. Simpson is/was a guilty person. They are like two peas

in a pod. Pastor Manning doubts Obama’s integrity. This is

Dr. James David Manning’s opinion.


Pastor Manning Says: Joyce Meyer is the $60,000,000 A Week Woman

What it means: Pastor Manning tells Joyce Meyer to shut

down her annual conference, to tell these women to stay home,

and to tell them ‘to give the $3,000 that it costs to attend to a

women’s shelter’!


This conference costs: $60,000,000.

This amount of people would build a women’s shelter, clothe

the naked, feed the hungry and provide meals for at least a

thousand homeless people.


Pastor Manning Says:

What it means:


I have only just begun. Enjoy!


Wow! What a guy!


Who needs coffee in the morning when you’ve got Pastor Manning

breathing down your neck!


Sandy S. Zoo


The views in this piece of literature do NOT necessarily represent the

views of the author. I translate foreign languages. When I came upon

Dr. James David Manning and read his writings, and listened to his sermons,

I discovered that some of his HARSH words need to be translated into words

that ‘the church lady’ would understand. There are a few colorful phrases and

a few misguided statements. In my view, it is the part of life that makes life

interesting. There are many spices and flavors in this great big world.

The Honorable James David Manning has become a FRIEND OF MINE as

a speaker and as a writer. He speaks loudly and sharply so that people

will listen. And…you did listen. I can’t say that I agree with all of the

statements. President Elect Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, and

their children are an adorable, intelligent and caring family. I have recorded

and translated these statements so that 17 years from now (read the article)

people can read the newspaper and LOOK BACK at Dr. James David Manning’s

prophesies and determine- Who is right? Who is misguided? Who really won the



For the record, I respect YOU both. And, that’s the end of my commentary.

Sandy S Zoo


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