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Obama’s Drug Use and Gay Lifestyle

Obama’s Drug Use and Gay Lifestyle

Honestly, I think that Barack and Michelle Obama are

quite comfortable with WHO they are in life and WHERE they

are in life. They don’t scare me. Larry Sinclair scares me-

just a little.


A story like the one tauted by Larry Sinclair would

be more believable had he not changed his names so many times

and/or had he not been charged with forgery.


A person can plead guilty to a felony and receive a

gross misdemeanor under a plea bargain. It happens all

of the time. It does NOT mean that he did NOT commit

the crime.


Perhaps, what Larry Sinclair is describing in his

rebuttal is that he was not charged WITH a felony regarding

the forgery charges. A gross misdemeanor? Maybe.


A story like the one told by Larry Sinclair would be more

believable had he passed the polygraph test. He didn’t.


This is NOT the first time that some one has come up with

a really INTERESTING story that has absolutely NO effect

on any candidates vying for the office of the President

of the United States.


If Barack Obama were to be guilty of these charges, he

would be running scared. There are tell-tale signs that

some one is trying to HIDE something. Barack Obama doesn’t

fit the sketch of a person that is running from ANYTHING.

He looks comfortable with WHO he is and the CHOICES

that he had made. Michelle Obama seems to admire, respect

and appreciate the man named- Barack Obama; a candidate

for the office of the President of the United States.


Finally, a gay lifestyle is a choice. Choosing to go public with

being gay is a very difficult, sometimes painful choice.

Being gay, I believe, is not a choice. It is one ‘way of being’ on

a very broad spectrum of lifestyle choices. Approximately 10% of

our U.S. population is gay or lesbian. Eventually, choosing a

gay lifestyle will not be seen as a criminal act.


Some of the most talented, intelligent, adorable, social,

courageous, industrious people are gay. Yes, some of them

have drug use or drug addiction or recovery as a cross to bear.

And, many ‘heterosexual’ people have the same cross to bear.


Married with Children,

Sandy S. Zoo<


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