Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | mars 26, 2008

We Love you Oobi!

We Love you, Oobi!

I was folding yet another basket of laundry.

My children were reading books, building forts,

chasing the puppy around the room, and then-

an incredible discovery! Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!

Where have you been all these years, my friends?

I love Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, but I could NOT

find the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Have no fear, my little preschoolers took those little

eyes and noses and mouths and sandwiched them

between their knuckles and Oobi, from a cable learning

channel, came to life. I was pleased. Without cable TV,

my children were still able to amuse and to be amused.

Sandy S. Zoo

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