Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | mars 26, 2008

About America: A Nasty Little Habit

The Analogy of the Lhasa Apso

I watched a delightful video about Americans and their global

awareness, or lack thereof, and I had to chime in to give you

my perspective.


As an United States citizen living in a foreign country for

an extended period of time, I came to realize that this

IS indeed the perspective of the United States that

European countries have long understood.


It will be a long time, a very long time, before we will gain

respect for our knowledge of national policies and of global

understanding. Perhaps, it is that some things are taken out

of context-for example, in this video.


The question is: Are all Americans [this] stupid?

The answer: No, not all Americans are [this] stupid.

That is my final answer.


However, I need to share with you a personal and disgusting



I acquired two beautiful Lhasa Apso puppies. I adore

them. They are so smart; they understand many commands

such as sit, down, stay, no, dance, go hide [and seek],

come back, quiet, heel (a.k.a walk on a leash), and so on.

I read all of the ‘How to Get to Know Your Lhasa Apso’

before acquiring my puppies, while training them and

continue to read and learn about Lhasa Apsos. They are

fascinating dogs; they guarded the palaces and monasteries

in the country of Tibet. They are exceptionally smart and

are very adorable little companions.


Every now and then, my three little preschoolers will

scream out, «Mom, Mom, come here, Lily is eating her

‘poop’ «. You are probably going to take away my

‘literary degree’ and every award I’ve ever received for

journalism. But, that is the truth.


Lhasa Apso dogs are well-known for this nasty little habit.


How can these smart, almost human-like, intelligent,

brilliant, royal companions have such a nasty little habit?


It is because they don’t know that it is a nasty little habit.


Even if I scolded my Lhasa Apso puppies, they still don’t

understand what the rest of the world knows; this

is a nasty little habit.


You see, I believe it is this ignorance of global awareness

and political intelligence that is shocking to the rest of

the world because of the power that rests in being

the United States of America.


The rest of the world might be saying, «You have all of this

power and recognition, but you, the Americans, don’t have

the awareness of national policies and global relationships.


Something to think about, America:

You’ve got a nasty habit and the rest of the world is

gawking at you.


Sandy S. Zoo


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