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On the Spectrum of Life Experiences

On the Spectrum of Life Experiences

I am just a farm kid with a private college education.

I’ve lived on the farm and in rural communities for many

years. I’ve lived near the big city and I’ve lived out in

the middle of Nowhere, USA. I am fond of the big city

because of the availability of theatre and art galleries.

I am fond of the rural areas because of the vast space

of nothingness. I love to sit out in the middle of a pasture

overlooking a valley and to study the landscape, the

wildlife and an occasional cow or horse that saunters by.


I see life as a metronome and I see myself as that silly little

mechanism dangling from a hook at the top. Some people

swing back and forth recklessly making great strides in

either direction. Some people stay on the left side, although

that is theoretically impossible. Some people stay on the right

side, although that is, you know, impossible.


I am a person that swings back and forth in the middle.

I am as lukewarm as you can get without getting a free

ticket to hell and back. I am neither chilly nor extremely

hot-tempered. I was raised in a strong Democratic family.

I wandered onto a college campus and all of the Republicans

welcomed me into their circle of friends. I had one true

friend that was a Democrat. That’s it. It was like a

nightmare- being raised as a Democrat and yet, all of the

Republicans stuck to me like flies on honey. I simply kept

my mouth shut during presidential elections and anything

political. Then, I married a Republican who says, «Why vote

when we cancel each others vote out anyway?»


And about religion and the analogy of the metronome:

I am very ecumenical. I can feel comfortable in ‘a blow

the roof top off’ Baptist Church and I can feel at home in

a Lutheran Church, like the one in which I was raised.

I can sympathize with an atheist or an agnostic-

yes, there is a tinge of evil in every church. I can understand

why people doubt the church. I really can.


Sitting on the front steps or on an airplane arguing over

to believe in God or not to believe in God is something I

will not do. I will listen-but, I think that it’s silly to try

and paint people the color that you think will make them



And to the question of WHY I PRAY, I give you this:

I have no choice but to believe that only a loving,

forgiving, welcoming, joke-telling God could welcome me

back to church every Sunday.


Do I disagree with my pastor or any other pastor? Yes.

But, I will not criticize the man or woman, a pastor, who

sits with a young couple awaiting their marriage, or to

sit with a parent who has lost their only child, or to sit

and watch a pastor close yet another casket when a

person has lost a battle to cancer, or to drug addiction.

Disagree with- yes. Criticize-rarely.


I don’t know how one person ,one pastor, can face so many

highs and lows, joys and sorrows, nice people and cruel people,

hopeless situations and miracles. To be a pastor, is

to be a servant to all, a friend to many, and an enemy to

about 10% of the people.


My little pendulum swings in the middle- back and forth,

back and forth, back and forth. I don’t get irritated with

those that swing way over to the left or way over to the right.

(I used to.)

That is beyond my control. My job is to keep on swinging

back and forth, and to keep on singing. Life is good.

Sandy S. Zoo


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