Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | mars 24, 2008

Using the Bold-Italics-Link in Code

This is bold
Write a sentence, highlight it, and now, click on the b for BOLD
This is italics
Write a sentence, highlight it, and now, click on the i for italics

This is link.

First, you need to scroll over the URL address to highlight it.

Second, you need to make sure that the http:// is NOT


Third, just click on the blue link, and you’re already there.

Click on your post and, ta da!, it is done.

I tried b-quote with disastrous results. When I have

mastered b-quote, I’ll let you know. In the meantime,

respect CODE. Befriend it. Respect the buttons. Don’t

get too chummy with CODE. Click on the wrong buttons

and you’ve got…..trouble.

Read about Converting Categories to Tags.

Remember the Nike commercial. Just Do It!

Well, think on this: Just Don’t Do It!

I’ve been visiting 750 posts to convert the tags

back to categories again. Understand that it

was a bit messy in any case, but it sure takes a

lot of time and patience to convert tags back

to categories again.

Perhaps, on the bright side, after converting

750 tags back to categories, you have the best

of both worlds. Tags and Categories. Nice!

You are probably thinking of my favorite line-

stop whining about it. Well, here’s the scoop,

when tags are converted to categories- all of your

categories are now marked as uncategorized.

And, all of your tags may or may NOT be

listed on every single post that you’ve ever written

and may appear at the bottom of any post that

appears on the WordPress Tag Page.

Try it and you’ll see what I mean. Well,

as I said, «Just Don’t Do It!»

Tags AND Categories. Enjoy!

Now, I tried something new; I typed a paragraph, I highlighted

it, and THEN, I clicked on b-quote. Let’s see how it goes….

Sandy S. Zoo

P.S. Notice the funky little gray line on the left side of the

screen. That is the result of scrolling over text,

highlighting it, and clicking on b-quote. Be careful.

CODE is something that you want to respect. Don’t

play with CODE. Just like the saying, «Don’t play with

matches». Some fires are difficult to put out. Play with

code and categories- you’ll see what I mean.

Cheering you on,

Sandy S. Zoo


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