Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | mars 22, 2008

What Rainbows and Religion Means To Me

 What Rainbows and Religion Means To Me

I can not accept all of the viewpoints in this video, however,

I need to highlight the most valuable point:  that we are

killing people or that people are being killed because of ‘their

viewpoints’ of what religion means [to them].


The director of this video emphasizes a very important

point- that rainbows and religion have something in common

and that rainbows are visible from one viewpoint and from

another viewpoint- they are invisible.  If we were to harm a

person because he/she says that a rainbow does not exist,

it would be a matter of perspective because at the very same

moment from a different spot-a rainbow appears.

If the person that sees the rainbow from one viewpoint harms

a person on the other side of the rainbow, he does so because

of the perspective or viewpoint not because he is ‘right’ or

because the other person is ‘wrong’.  It’s is just a different



Now, it is important to know that I do not condone wars

fought on the grounds of religious differences.  Therefore,

I am always looking at ways to find peace, to bring peace

to a situation.


By being narrow-minded and not seeing THIS perspective

as a possibility, we are continuing to perpetuate violence

based on religious differences.  Perhaps this is a peaceful

compromise.  Perhaps, it isn’t.


We will never know unless we try.


Give peace a chance.


Sandy S. Zoo 



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