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Barack Obama: We’ve All Been In His Shoes

Barack Obama: We’ve All Been In His Shoes


Barack Obama is in a position to accept or deny his

relationship with his pastor of 20 years. If I can use this

analogy, it is like having to explain some silly-willy, stupid,

immature, very weird thing that you did in high school like

streaking across the football field during Homecoming or

mooning a crowd of ‘ladies and gentleman’ during a parade.


Or is it?!


Barack Obama CAN NOT deny this relationship.

He was in ‘the front pew’ of this church for 20 years. That is a

fact. However, perhaps we need to look at, «WHY IS THIS AN

ISSUE?» What the world wants to suggest is that it is Pastor

Wright running for President of the United States. The last

that I heard, Barack Obama is still running for President of

the United States and Pastor Wright is still pastor

at ‘his church’.


Do you really blame Pastor Wright for saying or for thinking

these things? Although the wording is a bit harsh, quite

harsh, the message rings true. America has treated the

Afro-American population badly. And, they haven’t always

treated Native North Americans so kindly either.


I think that what Pastor Wright is saying is what we all know.


America still has a ways to go to get to «I have a dream….»

America has a long ways to go to «I am proud of how I treat

Afro-Americans». America has a long way to go to » I

feel good about being Afro-American» in America. Pastor

Wright is only saying what is true: America is a racist society.


Although the example is probably not the best, the

vision of ‘100,000 Afro-Americans in the Houston Astrodome

after Hurricane Katrina’ has broadened my understanding

of the way that America responds to Afro-American

Cultural and Economic Issues.


Forgotten. Neglected. Disrespected. Embarrassing.


You’ve got to do a better job, America!


It’s not Barack Obama listening to Pastor Wright’s sermon

that should garner your attention, it is ‘How did I treat my

fellow Afro-American today?’ How did you do today,

America? I am listening. I am observing. I am wondering.




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