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Magical Macaroni and Cheese Recipe from That’s Just So Weird Cookbook

  • Welcome Back to: That’s Just So Weird Cookbook
  • I know you’re tired.
  • I know you have picky eaters.
  • I know you’re tired of scraping the same old casserole off of the kitchen ceiling. I’m here to help:
  • **********************************************
  • Magical Macaroni and Cheese Recipe- **********************************************
  1. Go to Sam’s Club
  2. Buy a case of macaroni and cheese-40
  3. Get some Zip-lock bags-40
  4. If you don’t like tap water, use bottled water
  5. Buy some Aqua-clear, 40 of them
  6. I think that that is water, please don’t substitute Aquavit
  7. Get 40 packets of butter from your local deli
  8. Get 40 pint-sized cartons of milk
  9. Get out AT LEAST 10 pots for boiling water
  10. If you don’t have ten; borrow from the neighbor
  11. Be sure to turn on the neighbor’s stove when you’re there
  12. Start by putting 2 cups of water in each of the cooking pots
  13. Each pot of water should be boiling BEFORE you add noodles
  14. Run over to the neighbors
  15. Go back to #12
  16. Come back to your kitchen
  18. Something like: This is going to be a good day
  19. Seriously, the children should be napping by now
  20. When every pot of water is all good and bubbly
  21. Start opening boxes, count them, you’ve got 40 boxes
  22. Open and pour, open and pour, open and pour
  23. You’ve got the rhythm done pat
  24. Now, run over to the neighbors, repeat the process
  25. Run back, check on the noodles,
  26. How is it going?
  27. Now, things are going to get tricky
  28. Get a suitcase or a laundry basket or a storage tub
  29. Get a strainer
  30. Pour the noodles that are in the water over the strainer
  31. Where is the water going?!
  32. Then, pour the hot noodles in a bowl
  33. You’ve got 40 bowls, right
  34. Now, that things are really humming along…
  35. Start opening up the dried cheese packages,
  36. You should have 40 packages of dried cheese
  37. Throw a butter packet in that you got from the local deli
  38. You should have 40 butter packets
  39. Throw in a pint-size carton of milk
  40. You should have 40 cartons of milk
  41. How’d it go?
  42. Practice this little ditty:
  43. Rip, dump and toss, rip, dump and toss,
  44. If the macaroni’s mushy, you’ve got another box….
  45. If you didn’t like using a suitcase, cross it off the list
  46. I know that you are just returning from the neighbors
  47. Hopefully, the suitcases were old and worn out
  48. Check your to-do list:
  49. All the water is gone
  50. The noodles are in the bowls
  51. You have ripped, dumped and stirred in packages of dried cheese
  52. You have flipped packets of butter in,
  53. You have opened and tossed in pint-sized containers of milk
  54. Now, get 40 cans of vegetables and cream of something soups
  55. Get your can opener and your neighbor’s can opener
  56. Practice this little ditty:
  57. 40 cans of veggies,
  58. 40 bowls of noodles,
  59. 40 hours of cooking,
  60. 40 types of foo-dles
  61. Toss, the 40 cans of veggies and/or soups into each of the 40 bowls of noodles and get this over with…
  62. This isn’t funny anymore.
  63. Be sure to mark and label the bags before you store them
  64. Practice this line:
  65. If you liked this________________
  66. You’ll love____________________________.
  67. Insert something like «macaroni cheese and asparagus»in the first line of #65
  68. Insert something like «macaroni cheese and spinach»in the next line- line #66
  69. This is a surefire way to get those cute little kids eating and growing and…
  70. Your hubby isn’t going to complain about «one more casserole» again, is he
  71. «Sorry, honey, it’s macaroni and cheese and veggies, tonight!»
  72. Sandy S. Zoo ©2008
  74. Not To Be Taken Seriously ™


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