Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | mars 10, 2008

The Dilemma-Why Do Norwegians Sing Songs in English


I’ll summarize what I learned when I listened

to this comedy routine about: Why do Norwegians

sing songs in English? Hvorfor synger Nordmenn på engelsk?

Perhaps, the better question is: Why shouldn’t they sing

songs in English? Maybe, they do and they shouldn’t!


1. The words for «to like» and «to love» in English, and

the words for «to like» and «to love» in Norwegian don’t

match up. «To like» or «a like» in Norwegian most definitely

means «to really like, but not quite love a person».

«To love» or «a elske» in Norwegain is saved for your

parents, your grandparents, your siblings and your sweet-



2. When a Norwegian is singing about a day in Norwegian-

he/she uses the word «dag» which is pronounced «dog».

I am thinking that this comedian is saying that SOME WORDS

might ruin a ‘love song’ when people hear words that have a

double meaning or words that SOUND LIKE something else.


I think that the artist describes a few more words and

situations where the translations become dangerously



3. The third reason why Norwegians sing some songs

in English: (work in progress) and probably why they

shouldn’t sing some songs is, for example, the translation

from one language to another just creates some strange

music. The comedian explained that songs where there are

nonsense words in English or in Norwegian MIGHT

ACTUALLY mean something in a foreign land.


Sha, na, na….. La, la, la, la…. meg, meg, meg…..

La, dee, da, la, dee, da, la, dee, da….. Oh, oh, oh, oh…..

Do, re, mi, so, fa, la, ti, do….. Let’s do the hokey pokey…….



Sandy S. Zoo



  1. *
    Notes to Myself:
    I am ‘on vacation’ today and therefore,
    I get to publish and edit from afar.
    As I am working on a different computer,
    I have found that it is NOT O.K. to edit
    or proofread my work from afar. The
    results are devastating and so…

    sweetheart=add a t

    helping verb, to in Norwegian

    I’ll be making these corrections when
    I get home.

    Life, Love and the Pursuit of WordPress,

    Sandy S. Zoo

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