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If Barack Obama Were President…På Norsk


If Barack Obama Were Elected President



This article, as you can see is written in Norwegian.


It is an interesting article emphasizing the interrelationship

between the United States Election, the potential election of

Barack Obama, and Al-Qaida.


It does suggest that Al Qaida will CELEBRATE if

Barack Obama, a U.S. Presidential Candidate, becomes

President of the United States.


This, I believe is a misinformed prediction. From what I have

read, and from what I have heard from people who have

actually visited with him and/or worked on his

campaign. He is a proud American Citizen and that

he is grounded in his Christian Faith, and he is a member

of a Presbyterian Church. [Location Unknown]


What I can definitely tell you is that Barack Obama is not

Muslim; he is a faithful member of a Presyterian Church.

If a website is claiming that Barack Obama is Muslim, it is

inaccurate.  Whether of not Al Qaida celebrates his victory

doesn’t concern me.  Misleading the public about his Muslim

ties, does concern me.  Right now,  it looks like he’s a

Presbyterian Church member.


The only thing that he doesn’t have that other candidates

do have is MORE EXPERIENCE. Go to a job interview

after graduating with the highest honors, and try

convincing your potential employer that ‘you can do the job’.


It does not necessarily mean that he CAN’T DO THE JOB

or that he CAN’T DO A BETTER JOB. That’s my take…

and I’m sticking to it. HE HAS WHAT IT TAKES TO BE

A GREAT PRESIDENT. And, so do other candidates.


I have some research to do before I get this ‘up and running’.


I will translate as much as I can-sometimes it is more efficient

to paraphrase.


Translating takes time but it is very rewarding.


I use the example of when I was overseas reading about my

family at the local library. During one translation session with

a friend, we discovered that I have a German cousin.


During another session while reviewing some of my work, I

was told that I had totally gone down the wrong road. My

translation, I thought, told of a trapper in the mountains

hunting bear and mountain lions and elk. My friend explained

to me that one word had two meanings and that it was

actually a story about farming practices in Raundalen, east of

Voss. It was about harvesting and drying hay up in the

mountains. No animals were in sight.


This is where a second opinion is helpful. Don’t go thinking

that you are related to royalty or that the check is in the mail

until confirmed by a second opinion.


In the meantime, get to know: byki=Before You Know It

Before you know it, you will be learning a new language-

one of probably 30 languages on

The BASIC Before You Know It Language Course is free.

It is perfect for kids! I like that!


is a hub where translators, linguists and businesses

can exchange goods and services-primarily translations.

Perhaps, you would like to try using my favorite tool for

translating. Again, be careful because some material when

translated says a whole lot more than you want to be saying.


For example the word, full, in American means that you have

eaten enough. In Norway, full means that you have drank

enough and that you are totally intoxicated.


Sandy S. Zoo

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