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More Recipes From: That’s Just So Weird Cookbook

Cheese and Trees Surprise

Cheese and Trees Surprise!


Another recipe from:

That’s Just So Weird Cookbook

Cheese and Trees Surprise!


Tonight we shopped for, prepared and baked a new dish:

Cheese and Trees Surprise!

The children describe the process:

First-You start with the little green trees.

Second-You add the circle meat. Mom says that ham is salty.

Third-You have the crust.

Fourth-You don’t know how to make the crust, Mom!

Fifth-You put a can of bacon in it.

Sixth-You put in a can of Rockilee Trees Soup

Seventh-Mom interjects that broccoli cheese soup is good.

Eighth-Did you bake the crust first, Mom? Yes, for 14 min.

Ninth-What about the sour cream, Mom? Where is it?

Tenth-It is in the little green trees and cheese.

Eleventh-Where is the circle meat, Mom? I diced it.

Twelfth-Now what? Mix it, I think. And, then…

Thirteenth-You put the stuff over the pie crust.

Fourteenth-You put it in the oven.

Fifteenth-Mom, look! It is bubbly. Then, it is done.

Fifteenth-You set the table, pour the milk and eat it.

Sixteenth-Silence. The children indicate that it is good.

Seventeenth-You can play now.

Eighteenth-Oops! One more thing. Clear the table. Thanks.

That’s how you make Trees and Cheese Surprise.

Mom made it up. We helped make a recipe.

Bon Apetit!

Sandy S. Zoo


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