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Diversity is My Middle Name and Speaking of Cybrids


Diversity is My Middle Name and Speaking of Cybrids

I love diversity. I love culture. I love ecumenism.

I am a neutral person. I am a person that is neither

black nor white. I see all the colors of the spectrum.

I can accept what others might balk at. I can.


I was doing some research on stem-cell transplants and

came upon this article:

Here is the URL:


I am still a little ‘weirded out’ by radio communication. I hear

it happening but, my brain will NOT grasp the reality of these

tiny little particles and fiber-optics and air waves. I have an

even harder time understanding how that jet is suspended up

there in the air. I can truly understand everything that goes

into air travel, but I still can’t fathom the reality of flying

around the world at 500 mph. I can’t.


Now, the Dominican of Singapore WordPress site is trying to

explain to me that we are using animal embryos to clone

human beings for medical purposes. The embryo is destroyed

after the stem cells are removed. The thought of taking it

one step further confounds me. A baby being born that barks

and wags a tail. A monkey that can break dance. An elephant,

they are smart, that can apply for a commercial

transportation license. A bird that can type and transcribe

medical records. This is too much for me.


Years ago, my grandfather sat down with me for a question

and answer session. He never whined or balked or

complained, but there were A LOT of questions. My

favorite answer to «What do you think of technological

advances?» was «When I was 20 years old (that was

70 years ago), I never would have dreamed of the

things that I see now.» And, we talked for a long time.


Grandpa and I had our talk years ago. Today, I am

thinking the same thing. If someone could have predicted

this outcome, I never would have believed him/her.


Today, I am a bit ‘weirded out’ by this new discovery.

Gotta’ go. My dog is buttering the toast and dropped the

canister of sugar and cinnamon on the floor. See ya!


Sandy S. Zoo© 2008


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