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1-800-SHRED-IT/Fun Things for Kids and Parents to Do


1-800-SHRED-IT *1-800-SHRED-IT*1-800-SHRED-IT


Fun Things for Kids and Parents to Do***


We were driving down the road and we were being

closely followed by a SHRED-IT truck. I thought that

that the white truck with the BIG LETTERS had

presented a teachable moment.


Look at the BIG TRUCK. How do you spell TRUCK?

How many wheels does the TRUCK have? How many

drivers does the TRUCK have? What in the world does

a SHRED-IT truck do?


And, why are we paying massive

amounts of money to SHRED-IT when God gave a special

group of [little] people the innate ability to SHRED-IT. And,

the very best SHRED-ERS can’t read yet anyway, so what is

the big concern about your TOP SECRET documents.

Little boys LOVE to SHRED-IT and SPREAD IT

ALL OVER THE PLACE. There is a strong possibility that

after a LITTLE BOY has SHRED-ED IT, there is no

potential for taping or gluing it back together ever again.

Little boys think that SHRED-ING is fun. We have missed a

vast opportunity to develop work ethics in our children. When

they get up in the morning after EATING their SHRED-IT

WHEAT, they will, with great enthusiasm SHRED everything

in sight.


Open your eyes, AMERICA! First of all, you have allowed

infinitesimal amounts of misspellings to take place on this

continent. Secondly, you have also neglected to employ some

of the smartest, most clever, industrious group of [little]

people that I have ever seen. I wake up to five paper

SHRED-ERS every day. They work for free. YOU are

paying some one a large PORTION of your assets for

something that [little] boys can do efficiently and



What would you do if you had a little [SHRED-ER]?


I’d HUG him! 🙂


Sandy S. Zoo

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