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A Little Corner of Aniia-Norway From Another Perspective

A Little Corner of Aniia: Norway From Another Perspective

When I lived in Norway, and attended the university in

Norway, the Norwegian citizens were excellent hosts and

hostesses. However, when the Norwegians were busy with

work or school or family, I spent time in the hybelhuset

where I lived. My fellow students and I congregated IN THE

FELLESKJØKKENET . There were many Norwegian citizens

that were bilingual at the hybelhuset. They helped me

learn MORE Norwegian. Some of these Norwegian citizens

were from Vietnam, Laos, Pakistan, Poland and so on. I had

visited with many Vietnamese Americans, and some times I

couldn’t understand their American words and phrases; now,

they were TEACHING ME Norwegian.

Vietnamese-Norwegian citizens taught me Norwegian!

That was when Bjarte Leithaug was singing about the boat

people living in A BOAT in the harbor- hoping that Norway

would let them come IN and gain citizenship and then, they

would call NORWAY their home. Norwegians know that these

people escaped poverty, war, persecution and more. They

were in search of peace and prosperity. (Open to correction.)

I’ll try to find a link to this song by Bjarte Leithaug.


I don’t have any answers to the questions that are being

asked in the year 2008, but I want you to know that I am

eager to reVISIT Norway, to spend time there to and to help

me to UNDERSTAND what is happening to Norway.

What has happened to NORWAY?

Sandy S. Zoo ©2008


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