Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | mars 5, 2008

Almost Fun Free Things to Do-For Kids

1. Have mom buy Kool-aid on sale; put a packet of blue raspberry in the tub, put in your plastic zoo animals in. Now, build your own aquatic zoo.

2. Fill the tub with snow during a snowstorm. Now, play!

3. Get FOUR chairs and a fitted sheet. Now, camp out in your room.

4. Have mom buy pudding on sale; make your own pudding but, make it in the baby pool. Now, taste it.

5. Go to the appliance store or the furniture store and ask for the biggest box; have mom get washable markers. Now, color the box.

6. Have mom collect old blocks at the antique store. Now, build with them.

7. Get all of the books that you have in the house- «How high can you stack them?» Now, read them.

8. Which objects in the house make music? Which don’t? Collect the objects that make music. Now, start a band.

9. Have mom get some containers of OLD salt, OLD flour, OLD baking powder, OLD spices- mix them in a bowl. Now, make a cake.

10. Mix glue and starch; one part glue to one part starch. It should feel like silly putty. Find objects with a smooth texture. Find objects with a bumpy texture. Now, press the GLURCH over each object.
(May stick to carpet!)

11. Get a t-shirt, some rubber bands and 10 packets of cheap Kool-aid. Now, make a tie-dye shirt with Kool-aid.

12. Go to the park and have a pic-nic. Run as fast as you can around the monkey bars 25 times. Now, take a nap on a blanket under the sunlight. (Wear sunscreen.)

13. Put on your favorite music. Now, «Dance like no one’s watching….»

14. Help mom plant some seeds. Now, watch them grow.

15. Read the newspaper with dad. Circle, Read and Say the things that you want to shop for at the grocery store. Now take a dollar to the store.

16. Learn how to ride a bike. Now, teach a friend.

17. Make a cake with dad. Make frosting and cover the cake with frosting. Now, eat it.

18. At night, get your jammies on, get a flashlight, turn off the lights. Now, make a shadow play on the wall.

19. Ask your mom or dad, «Tell me a story about when you were little.» Now, ask questions!

20. Ask your mom and dad about how the world was created. Ask them how far it is to the very farthest star in the universe. Now, draw a picture of the universe with white chalk on black paper.


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