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Work in Progress:Both Sides of the Coin

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                          Consider Both Sides of the Coin


From time to time, something slips in to my website and

I do a double-take; I consider my options and then I just

pray that the picture disappears. has

some photos where people are fully clothed, however,

the implication is that more is happening behind the scenes.


When we communicate on a global scale, people from all

over this planet will read our thoughts, our ideas, our dreams

and our beliefs.   There are many different perspectives on

any given subject.  ____________________________________________

I believe that we need to look at both sides of the coin.

We have been blessed with many wonderful things in this

world. Sometimes, a good thing is tainted when something

flashes across our computer screens that screams WRONG.

Sometimes, we can not find the delete button soon enough.


We have THREE options:

1) Don’t go there

2) Cover your eyes, your ears and keep your mouth shut

3) Unplug your monitor


It is in these dark places where we find people that are

hurting, lonely, sad and angry.

It is in these dark places where we find people misusing

a very good thing.

It is in these dark places where people are expressing what

they have the right to express.

It is in these dark places where there is a bright light waiting

for someone to accept them.

It is in these dark places where we might find a friend.

It is in these dark places where we might be best to get

on our sneakers and run as fast as we can in the other direction.

It is in these, seemingly, dark places where we find people of

another culture. Sometimes that is refreshing!


My point is this:

By avoiding everything that we consider BAD or WRONG,

we are missing part of the goodness of life.

is an incredible tool with regards to photography.

Some people on are going to think that

it’s funny to push things to the very limit. Freedom of

speech and freedom of expression allow artists and common

people to do so.


Your choices are:

Turn it off

Turn it on


You are in control of YOUR REMOTE CONTROL.


And, remember that maybe as you are TURNING IT OFF,

that there may be a creative spirit that needs to experience

your kind and forgiving ways. You don’t have to invite

their values and beliefs into your living room. You just have

to listen or to read- if you choose.


If your life was a commercial, what would people see.


Keep the Faith,

Sandy S. Zoo

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