Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | februar 18, 2008

My Dad-A Follow-up Appointment

Last week, my DAD had his first follow-up after

Cancer Surgery. DRAINAGE tubes were removed.

Today, the STAPLES were removed. And, then, the

best news of all- his PROGNOSIS is very good.

That is all I know. Thanks be to GOD I am so very happy.

My DAD and MOM are the very nicest, smartest, kindest

people in the whole wide world. My MOM is so very strong.

I am proud of her. My DAD is so very lucky! We love ’em!

Diagnosis: T2, MO, NO [unofficial dx]



  1. Sandy-I continue to pray for your dad and rest of the family.

  2. inaskibaby:

    I thank you sincerely for your thoughts and

    prayers. This has been a time where my family

    experienced our worst nightmare. Every aspect of

    this cancer was unexpected and we were

    unprepared for yet ‘another crisis’. Such is life;

    we don’t get to choose what happens next.

    We just get to choose how we react to it.

    And, I cried. And, I was angry with God.

    And, I finally accepted that ‘I didn’t get to

    choose what happens tomorrow’. I just needed

    to REALLY be there for my mom and dad, and for

    my children. To be honest with them.

    My dad was really strong through this.

    He did worry. But, after the surgery, he bounced

    back quickly, got home quickly and got his sense

    of humor back. 😀 Peace, Sandy S. Zoo

    Good news: No lymph node involvement.

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