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Everybody Has a Bad Day Sometimes

Cheaper by the Dozen A Scene from «Cheaper by the Dozen»

Every artist and/or screenwriter creates something from time to time that

represents both life and art. Sometimes it is good to sit back

and BROWSE THROUGH life’s experiences. I wrote a poem

about some of the tears and triumphs I experienced as a

mother of five children ranging from two years to eighteen years.

«Cheaper by the Dozen» [Steve Martin]

seems to summarize some of those awkward moments

that arise in the midst of blended families.

Watch the movie. Write a poem about those incredible days.

Then, when things are going REALLY GOOD,

you can look back at the summary of all

bad days and think, «I can do this!» One day at a time- I can

get through this. And, you will.


Raising Teens and Toddlers

Good Morning, Sandy, How are you today?

Telemarketer #56 boldy dares to say

Toddlers weaving in out of your favorite skirt

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam prints on your Sunday white shirt

Better you than me, Pastor Gray says to me

Oh, yes, I say to myself, we are one big happy family

After six loads of laundry, she asks, Are you going back to work and when?

Hurry up, get going, you’re late again

Socks and shoes in hand, two diapers in a pail

Two toothbrushes in the toilet, the teenagers shriek and wail

Toddler dancing on the table top, teen announcing, Do not fall!

Lipstick on the toddler’s face, peanut butter on the wall

Mom, mom, she’s at it again, my room is a mess!

Walk upstairs, investigate and- Will she confess?

Eyes wide, jaws dropped, things you shouldn’t say

Teens are laughing, mom is gasping, sure plan for an instant replay

Are you busy today? Aren’t you crabby! What’s your schedule today?

Barney, Ernie, Dragontales, read books, and then, we play

What’s for dinner ? is the hubby’s request

Spaghettios and grilled cheese by candlelight is my best

Where’s the lasagna, and the salad tossed

Under a stack of mail, my cookbook is lost

Four sets of legs and arms, lined up side by side

Doing homework, piano pounding and singing, pony rides

Time to do my homework, mom! Note: she’s only three

Zig-zags down a final report, oh, my, is that what I see?!

Are you coming to the concert, Sandy? with two toddlers on each knee

Three sippy cups rolling down the aisle, and peek-a-boo with me

As the day turns in to night, I see three toddlers in the mirror,

And by my side are two teens, saying, My turn to drive from here to there.


Eventually, the rainbow graces the sky and the gloomy clouds

disappear; the mud puddles dry up. The beautiful memories

of raising teens and toddlers remains- forever. Amen!

Everybody Has a Bad Day Sometimes


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