Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | januar 24, 2008

That’s Life

I looked over my last five postings.

A lot of them deal with loss, grief, death, and coping.

Today, my father called me and told me about

his biopsy. I cried. I became angry. I felt helpless.

I cried. I wanted to turn back the clock. With no answers, I

just thought about A NEW KIND OF UNDERSTANDING.

God is in charge. I think that I will keep it that way.

I thought of the special people in my life and how we

have enjoyed visiting them. Sometimes, it feels like cancer

is the ADDITIONAL GUEST sitting at the table with us.

It has been my hope to see things in a different light.

Honestly, I don’t know ALL of the answers to life’s

diverse questions and puzzles.

I hope that my children will understand. Cancer sucks.

But, cancer will not take away my joy. Cancer will not

destroy my family. Cancer can’t erase my memories of

my parent(s) or grandparents. I hope that each new

experience brings a NEW understanding. I hope that

my children see the joy in life even when it’s raining.


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