Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | januar 22, 2008

Help Me Say Goodbye

Help Me Say Goodbye

Today, I went to the funeral of my GREAT AUNT CORA.

She was the Queen of Kindness and Gentleness.

I remember the platters of cookies, the bars, the sandwiches, and

the mints, anytime of the day. You visited for TWO hours, and then you

ate LUNCH. What I really remember about GREAT AUNT CORA

was that she had the most beautiful smile and twinkly eyes. Her

voice sounded like- a person playing a harp or a clarinet or the bells.

[You’ve got to hear it to believe it.]

She had a pretty voice and a big heart that considered each word carefully.

Though it was said that she «experienced pain during every day during her

adult life», she never complained. She WAS kindness. The pastor today

questioned US, the relatives, «Was she really that nice?!» Yes, Pastor Weston.

She was. Did she live life without pain? No. She lived with Chronic Rheumatoid

Arthritis. She had multiple surgeries to repair joints that had deteriorated. She

fought cancer during her last three years with seldom a whimper. And- she still

carried her beauty through it all. I like what the pastor said, «Go ahead and cry, it

meant that she was special to you.» To love means that we will grieve. If Cora was

a stranger, we probably would have felt differently. But, this woman, the woman

we called Grandma, Mother, Great Aunt, Sister-in-law, Aunt, Neighbor, Friend, was

indeed a person that we knew well.

Each time that we visited with her, we wondered, «Would this

be the last hug?» And, it was. In saying, «Goodbye», I think that the hardest part of

goodbye is that it could be the last. We knew that. However, I think the unique

element in Cora’s life is that she HUNG ON for so long. She defied the odds.

She could have let go of her FAITH a very long time ago. After the loss

of her husband, after the loss of her brother, after the loss of her parent(s), after

the loss of a baby sister, Ella. I think that what she was hanging on to was all of that

love that bounced off of us and right back to her. She was surrounded by people,

young and mature, smart and simple, rich and poor, common and famous, and she

took in every bit of love that we gave her. She looked at us when we talked. She

gave giant bear hugs. She said kind things when we had owies, as toddlers.

As adults, she also said caring words to us when

we were hurt or humbled or pondering over

life’s experiences. Once again, it was sincere. And, we miss you, Cora. We miss

that part of the world that just keeps giving and loving and caring.

Pastor Weston, in the grand finale of his sermon, reminded us that Cora was

NOT unique. We all have the potential to carry the ball. We all have the potential

to care deeply. We all have the potential to be kind. Cora made a choice.

We can make that choice also. Express God’s Love. Be kind.

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