Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | januar 15, 2008

I Just Thought You Should Know

Mom, I just thought you should know…

That there are people in the alleys in New York City.

There are RICH people there, but- there are also people

in the alleys. They wear [like] rags for clothes, and they

have nothing to eat. I think that we should bring them

some food. People think that POOR PEOPLE are

just in the cartoons, Mom. But, they are real.

We can bring food to people in South Africa, Mom.

But, we should also bring food to the people in


Hannah is my favorite messenger. She brings to light things

that most people don’t think about EVER. She cares about

people and- she listens to her mom and her dad. She has

figured out what POLITICIANS may never see or know or

believe. People are going WITHOUT FOOD AND CLOTHING


And, Hannah always has a solution. Let’s drop

off a box in the alley- and then, we can fill it every week or every other

day. Good answer, Hannah!

«People» might think that the homeless are without an

education, without ethics, without a dream, without a prayer, or

without a family. However, someone held that baby in their arms, if just

for a moment, and said «I love you…» And, somehow, that little baby veered off

the road; lost track of friends and family, endured a chronic illness,

dealt with drug and/or alcohol addiction, suffered from a mental

illness or a major job loss and «the bus» stopped for a moment,

they got off and they never got back on again. Perhaps, they

didn’t have «a ticket» to get back on. I can think of a million reasons

in this world that delayed their journey BACK HOME- to a place

where they were cared for and where they felt nurtured and where

they had the FAITH to go on. This place is NOT necessarily their

home but, a PLACE LIKE HOME. I can think of TWO THINGS that

could get someone back on the bus and going in the right direction.

BASIC NEEDS such as food, shelter and clothing and-

SOMEONE that CARES. The feeling of being loved and respected

and cared for can carry a person through those tough times.

I just thought you should know…that there are PEOPLE out

there in the ALLEYS without a home.

Thank you, Hannah, for caring!

Love, Mom


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