Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | januar 14, 2008

To My Mother and My Father

My mother asked me

to write about my journey

Write it down- for your children

This one is for you, Mom and Dad:

I looked for you

In church today

There you were


So strong and so real

You were so proud

And, then I looked

For my [daughter]

I wanted to see her

I wanted to hug her

I wanted to hold her

I wanted to talk to her

And, she was not there

I looked, and looked,

And looked

And, she was gone

I prayed, oh, Lord,

Just bring her back

Just one more time

I looked at you

I realized that…

You were

Always there for me

I smiled

You were so strong

So real

You are truly a saint

A GOOD person

You are

a wonderful mother

You knelt down

Beside me

And you said,

They’ll be days

Like this


Like a mountain

Incredibly strong

Tall and brave

You looked right

At the next bump

In the road

You smiled

I knew that

I had to be

Like you

To face this, too

It would not

Go away

I could pray


God would decide


I gave it to God

I remembered…

Through each journey

You were strong

You never gave up

You held me close

And, you prayed

And, you cried

And, you feared

The things

That you met in life

Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, Brain Tumor, SIDS, Car Accidents, Stroke

Over, and over,

And over again

You accepted

What God gave you

And you became


And, you,

My mother

You stood tall

You knelt beside me

You talked TO me

I just want you

To know that

There will be days

Like this

You didn’t have to

Tell me

But, you did

Because you knew

That the truth

Would set me free

That each step

Each step that I took

Would make me


And, while I was looking

for my daughter

I knew that you were

Looking for ME

And, I was looking

Back at YOU

You found me

I found you

You were always there for me

You ARE-

A woman with a golden heart

And, you promised

To be there for me

As I faced the unknown


You are my mother

I am so proud of you

It was a beautiful Sunday morning

With YOU


Thanks for continuing to

take care of my Papa

For 23 years after his stroke

As he left church today

He looked at me

He said

I hope I live for ten more

I smiled

I prayed

I hope so, too


What a beautiful day, Kaia Elaine!


I love you, Mama!

I love you, Papa!

The ANDs represent each time I reached for a Kleenex and blew my nose


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