Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | januar 12, 2008

Mountaintop Experiences

Have you ever been on a mountaintop?

Have you ever studied the scenery from that mountaintop?

Have you ever pitched a tent on your mountaintop?

Why not STAY on the mountaintop?

Is it because…the view from the valley is just as enchanting.

In my travels, I often took BEFORE and AFTER pictures of my hiking experiences.

I took pictures from the BOTTOM looking up, and I took pictures of me CLIMBING

up, and I took pictures of me from the TOP looking down. Sometimes, I would drive

(or be driven) miles away to get a perspective of HOW BIG that mountain really is.

I felt that I had really accomplished something. And, I have the pictures to prove it.

Being down in the valley, gives you a perspective of how high the mountain is and

how HUGE it is to climb a mountain. If someone gave you a helicopter ride to the

top, you’d never feel that FEELING of accomplishment- I did it! It wasn’t easy; but

I survived. I think of these mountaintop experiences often. I love the mountains.

I love climbing the mountains. I love feeling the dirt and the stones and the mud and

the sweat and the exhilaration of climbing a mountain. In climbing a mountain, it is

important to HAVE A GRIP on what is important. These are the tools that help you

reach the top. Grab on, and hold onto the things that create a successful climb.

For me, a successful climb is the result of : positive thoughts, positive people,

faith-filled experiences, planning and preparation, supportive family, healthy

choices, survival tools,

[food, shelter, clothing], proper equipment, a good book and a good camera.

I think that the good book and the camera represent hobbies that keep my boat afloat.

Being in a lovely place, and holding my favorite things in my hands is quite a nice

experience. A sandwich, an apple and a glass of juice is a nice way to celebrate a

mountaintop experience. Be good to yourself.

Keep it simple.


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