Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | januar 8, 2008

It’s a WOW kind of day

Have you ever had a WOW kind of day?

You acknowledge that everything fits together quite nicely

You see the light at the end of the tunnel

You told yourself NOT TO WORRY; just pray about it

You meet someone special

You are eating your favorite food- PASTA!

Your cat sits in your lap and purrs

Your kids plant a kiss on your cheek

Your dog teaches YOU something new

You can navigate your home without tripping over a book/toy

You see the sun shining brightly

You are at peace with yourself and the world

You- it’s kind of fun being you

You have faith

You see just a little bit of Jesus in yourself and your family

You waited and God took care of a PROBLEM like you asked

You saw the world in BRIGHT COLORS today

You said, «Hey, I kind of like this place!»

You saw LOVE at work in the world

You ignored that annoying little pest

You stood tall and were proud of the way things went today

You organized your day on paper and didn’t lose the paper

You thought of a Mr. Bean kind of solution

You turned the radio OFF & sang out at the top of your lungs

You thought of your friend(s) and you were proud of him/her

You brushed your teeth

You combed your hair

You put on a snappy shirt and a shiny pair of shoes

You sang in the shower

You remembered your first date-your first kiss

You went to your favorite place for a while

You had a WOW kind of day

As my four year old would say, «Good Job, Mamma!»

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