Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | januar 4, 2008

Muddy Little Creatures

Big, floppy ears hover over their eyes

They look rather homely, but actually quite wise-

They nudge through the mud with great enthusiasm

Their scent of their odor can send you havin’ spasms-

They’re not too nice to look at

But, they’re really great to eat-

Ham is just spectacular

But, pigs feet aint’ too neat-

So, when asked what’s for supper, Ma?

Tell them, It’s really great-

After they say, «Mmmmm….good!»

Tell them what they ate-

They are the muddy little creatures

That lodge inside the barn-

And they come to your table

From the good ole’ family farm-

I was sixteen years old, enrolled in a Creative Writing Course

at a local college. I sat out on the OTHER side of the fence as

14 sows and gilts drove their noses like bulldozers all through

the mud. And, I thought to myself- THAT’S WHAT WE’RE

HAVING FOR SUPPER TONIGHT! [sound effects] Eek!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not sixteen years old anymore.

However, this is my first FAVORITE poem and my kids still love

to hear me recite my poem.

A poem by Sandy S. Zoo Copyright 2008/



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