Publisert av: For the Little Prince - Per | desember 30, 2007

Something Worth Talking About

My beautiful daughter had this to say about supper tonight:

She is looking down at the Dinty Moore Beef Stew and Toast

with Butter.  A glass of milk is set beside the plate.  She holds

her fork in her hand and she says,  «Mom, it isn’t about eating

the best food.  It is about being able to eat.  It is about

being healthy.  It is about not being without food.  That is

what is important.   Isn’t it!?»  She goes on to explain that 

there are hungry people all over the world. And so, you see,

I saw some humor in this little girl’s eyes and as I listened

to her voice.  What her heart and soul were conveying is,

«I know that we are not eating at Boston Market tonight, Mom.»

But, there was something more to what she said.   I realized that

she IS listening to each and every speech, to each and

every word, and that she is looking inside my heart and

pulling out what is important.  Hunger exists in this world. 

Can you hear me?!  Are you listening?  A child is whispering softly,

«Please bring me something to eat.»  Anna is right.  It is so very

important that we have food.  And, it is important to remember

those that are WITHOUT food.   Amen.

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